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Our Programs


Floating Starfish  

Infants 6-11 months old


Swimming Starfish

Children over 1yr old 


Survival Refresher

Refresh your child's survival swimming skills.


Tiny Tots

Infants under 30 months old 


Starfish Academy  

Ages 21/2 - 41/2yrs old



Children 2 1/2 - 41/2yrs old


Strokes N' Slides

Children 4 - 5yrs old


Intermediate Stroke

In this program our swimmers build on the skills learned in their basic class


Advanced Stroke I

Group Lessons - Where it all comes together!


Winter Programs  






Winter Maintenance Programs

Our winter program will begin in October - Swimming is a year round adventure at Tiny Bubbles, our pool is indoors and heated.


Where Do I Go From Here?


Your child has just acquired a new skill and like any other newly developed skill it must be practiced in order to stay fresh and new - just like your child learned it.


Our Winter Starfish Program is a truly wonderful way of keeping your child in the water and practicing what they have just learned.


Even though there is a 95% retention rate with this type of swimming lessons, your child is still growing and that means changes in height, weight and mental clarity.


With our Indoor Facility we are able to offer a Maintenance Program for your child, keeping them in the water, in lessons during the winter months or “off season” to give them the opportunity to continue practicing and developing what they learned over the summer.

Drowning Is Not Seasonal so neither should your child's swimming lessons . . . .


Learn to Swim in the winter and spend your time in the summer playing in the water.

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