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It is with great pleasure that I serve as a reference for Tiny Bubbles Aquatics-Swim School in Valdosta, Georgia.


My two children have been enrolled at Tiny Bubbles for the past two years.

Tiny Bubbles is a super facility offering a safe, healthy environment for children of all ages to overcome fear and learn to swim. Mrs. Margie and all of her staff are well trained, professional, and dedicated to teaching children to swim through positive


They consistently offer words of encouragement and praise to both children and parents; this is especially important to parents of those children who are just learning to swim. Survival swim can sometimes be difficult for parents to watch, but Mrs. Margie's technique and demeanor makes parents feel secure and safe.

Before my children attended Tiny Bubbles, neither could swim; my son actually had a fear of water. My son's fear dissipated after two short weeks with individual instruction from Mrs. Margie and my daughter learned to survival float and to hold her breath after just four weeks. Currently they are both in the advanced classes and are swimming strokes correctly and with confidence.

In conclusion, I feel extremely fortunate to have such a rare and exceptional facility in my area; it is the only swim school in Valdosta that is certified by the US Swim School Association. So, I am happy to give Tiny Bubbles Aquatics-Swim School my wholehearted endorsement.


Sincerely, Jennifer H
Satisfied Parent


It is with the highest recommendation that I write this letter for Ms. Margie Herman and her swim center Tiny Bubbles Aquatic Swim School.


My children have been enrolled in the Tiny Bubbles' swim programs for almost two years now. We chose Tiny Bubbles to begin our swimming lessons because we
heard nothing but good things about their swimming programs and it was important to me that my children be safe in the water.


My children started their lessons in the Survival swimming program and have since moved to the Strokes and Floats program. With Ms. Herman's excellent teaching skills and the one-on-one attention given in each lesson, I saw my children utilizing their swimming skills almost immediately. I saw confidence and safety in and around water, all of which can be attributed to the attention given to each of my children during their lessons.


We also have a very unique family situation; our children are triplets (now age six), two with special needs. It is critical for us to have a teacher who is able and willing to work with our children.


Over the last two years, I have observed Ms. Herman adapt her teaching techniques to help all of my children become effective and safe swimmers.

I look forward to many more years of lessons at Tiny Bubbles and cannot thank Ms. Herman enough for all of her patience and time working with all of my children.


Julie H

If I had any doubts about putting my son in swimming lessons this year at only 2 years old, they all went out the door the very first day.


Ms. Margie is awesome..... A perfect mix of personable and professional !


I love the fact that she is firm with my son and wouldn't let him give up, even when he very clearly wanted to. However, at the same time, she was a loving and caring instructor that my son grew to love. After the first week, I was completely in awe of how much he had accomplished!


I remember Ms. Margie saying that giving your child swim lessons is a gift to them, and now I completely understand that. Thanks to Ms. Margie and her awesome techniques, he has the ability to save his own life. I couldn't thank Ms. Margie more for working to give him the confidence and giving us that extra peace of mind !


Sara L                       

































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